Every massage will be tailored to your needs and goals by our licensed massage therapists. With each session you’ll get to experience a heated table, a variety of aromatherapy, and 3 hot towels to be placed wherever you choose.

Listed below are the different modalities we offer and the benefits they can provide.

Not sure what to get? Schedule a swedish massage, when you get there your therapist will happily discuss your needs to find what will work best for you!

Lomi Lomi Massage

60 min – $100

Its form of healing massage from Hawaii also known as the loving hands massage. It focuses on the calming of the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of the client. Lomi Lomi uses continuous flowing full body strokes, both above and below the body, to connect the entire body. The rhythm and movement creates a continuous ebb and flow that can cause the feeling of waves and the ocean. With the rhythm changing up and down throughout the session it calms the nervous system down to provide complete relaxation.
*It should be noted that because of the long strokes used up and down the body that draping is minimal.*



60 min – $70, 90 min – $95

Known as the traditional massage for overall relaxation and reducing stress. Swedish can help improve blood oxygenation, range of motion, sleep, cognitive/memory functioning. It can also help decrease muscle tension or fatigue, blood pressure, constipation, and nausea.



60 min – $75, 90 min – $105

Techniques used to apply prolonged specific lighter pressure targeting the fascial system that surrounds and connects every body system. This helps to smooth out the fascia, returning to it’s normal elastic state, and providing a feeling of a deep massage with the feeling of more space in your body. This can help with stiffness, reduced range of motion along joints, areas of trauma to the body, and help create better posture or movement.



30 min – $40, 60 min – $75

This form of massage is for athletes of all kinds. Normally done before a event to help achieve peak performance but also done post-event to aid in recovery. Assists in getting rid of fatigue, energizing the body, reliving swelling and muscle tension, and promote flexibility.